Congratulations Tigers, for a awesome start of One day league

Congratulations Tigers, for a awesome start of One day league. We chased down
We haunted Stockholm Cricket Club as Real Tigers. (fielding wasn’t as good as we expected)

2 guys made the match so easy and enjoyable to watch.

Congratulations Arif Hossain for your first 100 in tigers.
?You was দানব in ব্যাটিং and বোলিং.
He showed that he is not only speed দানব, he is ব্যাটিং দানব to ?. 100 runs in 46 bowls.
Welldone Arif. Well hope to see more this kind of performance from you.

Congratulations RAz Imtiaz to continue batting more than half innings with injury and made your well deserved 100. One of you best innings i have seen.
As a senior you stod upp and fought hard. Well done.

Congratulations all the players.

Special thanks to Hirok Mufti for providing us lunch. ?